The black kitchen cabinet trend is here to stay

Instead of traditional wood grain finishes, many kitchen designers are turning to eye-popping monochromatic finishes that create a dazzling effect while maintaining warmth and functionality. Even more exciting is the movement in modern kitchen designs from the classic, all-white kitchen to the daring choice of black kitchen cabinets.

While some décor trends change drastically from one year to the next, the black kitchen cabinet trend is one with real legs. Designers are incorporating everything from “wall to wall” black kitchen cabinets with dramatic backsplash colour choices to pieces that complement woodgrain flooring to create the most impressive effects. Some reasons behind this refreshing trend include:

  • Black creates drama: Kitchens now represent places for family gatherings, opportunities to experience new food choices, and a fun environment for entertaining friends. What better way to showcase this all-purpose utility concept than by creating drama with black?


  • Black creates balance: Part of the appeal of black cabinetry is its unending versatility. Picture shining black cabinetry, paired with white marble countertops and distressed wood accents for a perfect kitchen design, or add modern stainless steel appliances to create a crisp, sleek appearance.


  • Black provides an air of sophisticationA metal light fixture, well-placed colorful vase, or bright bowl of fruit are all that are required to draw the eye and create an air of comfortable sophistication.


  • Black provides kitchen design flexibilityThere is a reason the “little black dress” is perfect for every fashion occasion, from casual to formal. The same is true for the black kitchen cabinet. Whether the kitchen has a traditional, contemporary or modern design, black cabinets provide the perfect finishing aesthetic.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

Some of the most exciting options for those ready to make the leap to black kitchen cabinets can be found in the latest innovations in thermally fused laminate panels (TFL). Ariane Bouchard, Marketing Manager from Uniboard® the market leader in TFL, points to several of the latest styles and finishes that are right on trend. “Our solid colour NovaBlack matches perfectly with a Riviera Oak finish. Different levels of light create a three-dimensional look that is both subtle and impressive. Also stunning is our Ombre wood grain panel, with a synchronized Nobella finish that is inspired by Italy’s best modern styles, but produced right here in North America.” Visit for inspiration on incorporating the latest in black kitchen cabinetry trends.





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