The evolution of custom cabinet materials and finishes

It truly is an exciting time to be in the design business. There are so many trends and ideas for kitchens, offices, closets and commercial projects that can now bring high quality, durability, and environmentally-friendly options to create custom cabinets. One of the biggest advances in this field has been the increased reliance on Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), on MDF or Particleboard decorative panels to create installations of exceptional beauty without breaking the project bank.


When it comes to making the perfect custom cabinet materials and finishes, TFL has come a long way in terms of flexibility and reliability. While basically utilizing post-industrial wood, it creates panels that can be milled to an exact thickness. Designers and contractors can specify tight tolerances and strict specifications. Every TFL board produced is identical, making it the most ideal and cost-efficient cabinet-making material. Some exciting advances in TFL technology include:

  • Texture, texture, texture: Perhaps the greatest appeal of wood is in its unique swirls, grains and knotholes that reflect nature’s beauty. With 14 finishes, Uniboard is a leader in this category.  It uses an innovative synchronization process for its Synchronized Collection which allows it to press a wood pattern into the surface and provide the rich texture and feel of “real” wood without the expense.
  • More possibilities than ever before:  Its TFL palette offers over 130 colour Designers and clients can work together to take advantage of the perfect combination of superior quality and cutting-edge technology.
  • Deeper and richer textures: A wide selection of textures incite the imagination to create even more astonishing woodgrain designs. From the traditional complex layered woodgrain of the Lyra finish to the modern, linear woodgrain of the Bistro finish, designers can create projects that are both versatile and unique.
  • Modern flair: For those clients who want to move away from the wood theme for their cabinets, designers have the choice of bold solids such as Uniboard’s Super White, Charcoal, and Canadian Grey, or delightful patterns like Chino, Frequency and Canvas.
  • Eco-sensibility: Perhaps most important to today’s eco-conscious consumers is utilizing technology that appreciates and preserves the earth’s natural resources. With 100 per cent pre-consumer recycled wood content, Uniboard takes environmental considerations very seriously. Its NU Green family of products includes both NAF and ULEF green options.

The new Uniboard 2019-2020 collection and complete TFL collection combine to provide exhilarating options for cabinet designers to take advantage of the latest in innovation, technology, and design.





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