Uniboard’s Design 360 software creating huge buzz with designers

While most developers and designers are excellent at visualizing completed projects, there are many other people they work with who absolutely need to see a 3D rendering to better visualize the final result. Whether it is presenting ideas to clients, discussing décor options with decorators, or explaining proposed layouts to contractors, opportunities for misunderstanding abound when trying to make your plans come to life.

Fortunately, Uniboard solves this problem with their revolutionary digital platform for their complete TFL collection – Design 360. Designers or professionals can leave a lasting impression with clients using the latest technological advancements from the leading experts in the industry. Key advantages include access to high resolution files in multiple formats, easy integration into any CAD design project, colours and textures that are perfectly calibrated for all types of online usage, image resolution up to 900 dpi, and real-time visualization of textures using animated GIFs.

3D Digital solution brings projects to life

“Design 360 offers complete packages that are compatible with all 3D design software, making it ideal for multiple industries such as kitchen, bathroom, office, store fixture, residential and commercial furniture,” explained Ariane Bouchard, Marketing Manager with Uniboard®. Its unmatched quality gives designers an unrivalled ability to promote products and ideas in a digital world with confidence. Imagine being able to:

· Present the latest in TFL trends: The Uniboard TFL palette offers over 130 colors and 14 finishes. This premium collection is easily ahead of the pack, making it perfect for retail, residential and institutional applications.

· Let your imagination soar: Designers have virtually unlimited access to see how their creations look together with any design software. Not sure whether a solid, wood grain or abstract approach is best? Try them all until you find the one that goes perfectly with your design. Can’t figure out whether those kitchen cabinets will look best in Dorato Grey or Dorato Natural? Once you see them in your design, you might fall in love or decide to go in an entirely different direction.

· Help others see what you see: Having a hard time describing the texture you envision? “You can simply open our animated GIFs, and you won’t invest any more time explaining the difference between Aura and Rio,” Bouchard added.

To download your high resolution files, design package and animated texture GIFs, visit https://www.uniboard.com. The new 2019-2020 TFL Collection files are now available!

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