Why designers, builders are making the move to engineered wood materials like TFL

Designers and builders are faced with many concerns while creating fabulous kitchens, offices, bathrooms, closets and work areas for clients. Many want to reduce reliance on timber products to manage costs and increase design flexibility, with a nod toward making the most efficient use of natural resources. But they also want to provide a durable end product that looks stunning without going over budget. Which explains why many in the field are making the move to wood-alternative materials like melamine to benefit from advantages such as durability and affordability, along with easy-to-handle maintenance routines.

Don Raymond, Vice-president Marketing and Sales U.S. with Uniboard® explains that “today’s clients are more open to the idea of engineered wood materials such as our Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), MDF or Particleboard panels because they actually have more control than they might have with the actual wood itself.” Certain types of wood can be hard to find, expensive and difficult to work with, but there are none of those problems with TFL.  “TFL technology has come so far that it is often considered to be more desirable than wood because of its strength, durability and design flexibility,” he added.  Some of the many advantages that TFL panels present over wood include:


  • Versatility: Builders and designers can deliver the stunning character and texture of wood in options that run the spectrum from K49 Solstice to K23 Shanshu.


Kitchen marble bench close up with black hanging pendant

  • Durability: Wood requires a surprising amount of care and maintenance. Softer woods can damage easily, and might require special oils to maintain their appearance. A laminate finish is extremely durable and easy to clean, perfect for busy households or hectic offices.


  • Likeability: With a palette of over 130 colour options, Uniboard’s TFL panels for example offer options that are sure to please even the most discerning of clients.

“Designers and builders also like to tell their clients about the eco-sensitive aspects of our products,” added Raymond.  “We ensure the proper use of wood fiber waste into value-added and environmental friendly products. We recuperate and reuse post-industrial and urban wood waste to reduce wood fiber consumption and land filling.”

With such a wide variety of colours and exclusive textures like Nobella and the authentic modern texture Lyra, the Uniboard 2019-2020 TFL Panel collection is sure to provide designers and builders with the latest in innovation, technology, and design.


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