Pavillon Sékoia: Merging Elegance and Versatility

Located in the heart of Lévis, Pavillon SÉKOIA opened on September 1st, 2018. Designed specifically with seniors in mind, its name was inspired by one of the key materials used in its construction: Uniboard’s Séquoia textured decorative panels (TFL).

SEKOIA 8 - 23 AOÛT 2018 (27)

The Sequoia finish is characterized by a deep relief that provides a pronounced 3D visual from all angles. On the surface finish, light reflections and shadows accentuate the sense of touch of the décor that complement the Dalia coloring to perfection. The concave and convex effects imitate the variations found in real wood and make the Sequoia finish a timeless classic.  In a setting such as this, the choice of colours is paramount as are the selections of versatile and highly functional materials. Melamine has proven to be a wise choice for the design team.



“It was a highly challenging project because we wanted to provide a quality living environment, rich in materials and ambiance, while being stimulating for the residents. The design and material selection needed to be “senior-friendly” to adapt to the reality of these clients. Thus, several areas were created for them: a bistro, pool table, lounge, multi-functional hall and a cinema. Uniboard products are very versatile and blend perfectly with other materials such as porcelain, perforated metal panels and textiles. We brought them together in a single project to create a custom-made decor for the residence.” – Mélanie Boissonneault, Designer.

Designer notes: The Sequoia finish is available in 6 different colors. Uniboard’s TFL palette offers over 135 colours and 14 finishes.

Designer : Mélanie Boissonneault, Designer

Contractor: Logisco Construction

Cabinet maker: Armoires DLM

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