Uniboard’s new digital collection is here: The inspiration behind Studio

We wanted to make a statement with our new collection. While we’ve proudly maintained our reputation as North America’s leading supplier of Thermally Fused laminates for decades, we are taking another bold step forward in order to continue to push the boundaries of modern design. Enter Studio, our new collection that is guaranteed to deliver breathtaking aesthetics to large-scale commercial or residential building project all across North America. The inspirations for this collection – art, graffiti, fashion and photography – are grounded in creativity, making the 20 new designs visually stunning and culturally significant.



Art has been ingrained into society for many centuries and monitoring shifting trends and daring new looks is a way of life for builders, designers and architects far and wide. From the halls of museums to the ways we choose to decorate the homes we live in, art is now all around us and a core part of everyday life, making it a clear inspiration that fell in line with everything that we wanted to deliver with the Studio Collection. Uniboard’s products are generally inspired by European sophistication and elegance, much of which was founded on revolutionary pieces of art delivered by the Michelangelos and Monets of the world. From Studio’s rhythmic Urban Art texture to the more subtle Gardener’s Bliss, nuance and beauty have been made readily available for the design community.

photo galerie


Graffiti and street art have become a culture unto themselves, and have a rich history stretching across cultures from prehistoric cave drawings to mischievous teenage rebellion on the streets of Paris. In Uniboard’s home province of Quebec, graffiti is abundant, used to beautify old, crumbling structures and to liven up entire neighbourhoods and communities. Our Studio Collection celebrates the larger-than-life graphics and declarative colours often used by graffiti artists, from the shapeliness of Toolbox to the geometric wonder that is Harlekin. The versatility and flare of graffiti can now be delivered to the home or to commercial applications, allowing people to marvel at interiors the way they now do while observing painted cityscapes.

photo graffiti


Fashion is a dynamic part of culture, shifting with the times and embraced by those looking to distinguish themselves and their aesthetic from the hoard. From Coco Chanel to Donatella Versace, major European fashion houses and their leaders have left their mark on the patterns, palettes and trends that have defined generations. Studio draws inspiration from the idea that fashion informs society, from the unapologetic Victorian styles of Miraflores to playful Origami, much of the collection’s look and feel is reserved for true fashionistas.


Photographers see the world through a different lens, which uniquely positions them to understand the complexities and true nature of how the world around us works. While painters deliver passion through the brush, photographers rely on patiently waiting for the perfect moment and then capturing it. We wanted to capture the technical aspects that make photography what it is through Studio, from the earthy Etrusco reminiscent of a shoot in the African wilderness to Botanic Garden, which resembles a photographer peeking through the brush to capture something in its natural element. Photography is similarly eternal to our new designs that will be etched into onlookers’ memories for a lifetime.


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