DIY Tips: How to organize your dream garage

It’s the one great challenge everyone says they will get to “when they have time” – finally organizing the garage. Well, with people spending more time at home that long-awaited day has finally arrived.  It is time to tackle the stacks of boxes, organize the loose tools, and create a space where a car can actually be parked once again!

Here are some useful DIY tips that can help anyone build the ultimate, dream garage:

  • Have a master plan: Instead of just digging in, think about the way this specific garage is actually used. Is it more for storage, a workshop for various projects, easy access for outdoor recreation items, or a summer seating and entertaining area? Functional designs can be created drawing from this useful information. Think in terms of shelving and storage units that will help to organize everything, while keeping clutter out of sight. MDF slatwall and TFL shelving are definitely a must!

tools on a metal board

  • Keep like Items together: There is nothing more frustrating than opening every door or looking on every shelf to find everything needed for a specific activity. Gather all the gardening or lawn care implements in one area, the sporting goods in another, tools in another, entertainment items and so on. When an activity is planned, all of the necessary implements will be in one convenient location.
  • Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens: Some people tend to rely on open shelving for garages because it seems more cost-effective. While this might be useful for certain items, it contributes to that messy, cluttered “garage look.” Modern garage décor trends lean toward smart-looking storage using TFL/EIR material cabinets. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, these materials look great and stand up to heavy-duty garage usage needs.

Garage organization gardenista

  • Bring style to your space: Even though it may be a garage, it does not have to be dull. It is still part of your home, so think in terms of decorative panels with colours and textures that will create an obvious extension of your interior design. Solids like white, grey, blue, almond and taupe present clean lines, while wood grain textures in maple, bourbon cherry, oak or mahogany can complement garage entertainment areas.  Even popular metallic look TFL designs are now available to give it that professional high end looking garage feel.


  • Look to the latest trends in engineered wood: In fact, Uniboard’s engineered wood products with synchronized (EIR) texture technology realistically replicate the appearance and feel of multiple wood grains and are ideal to add style to any space.
IMG_1269 (004)
Nexos Exterior Panels from Uniboard
Photo: Barmac
  • Think about the outside: One of the latest applications for the use of composite panels is for the actual garage doors themselves.  Uniboard recently launched its Nexos Exterior Panels which have been used in the fabrication of architectural garage doors. They are an innovative panel solution engineered for exterior applications, created using 100% recycled and recovered pre-consumer wood fiber. The exterior panels are incredibly easy to work with and can be cut, routed and machined to various specifications designed and produced to offer outstanding high moisture resistance.

Photos: Barmac


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