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How to create boutique-style closets in your home

There’s nothing more gratifying and stress releasing than organizing your home environment. When our spaces inevitably become too cluttered we eventually set aside the appropriate time to swoop through the garage, laundry room, food pantry and finally on that last component desperately in need of organisation – the closet.

After sorting through the stacks of “keep it, toss it, or donate it” items, or performing a “Marie Kondo” joy analysis, we suddenly realize that our closet just isn’t up to the task of quality organisation we need. Searching the internet for inspiration, the concept of the boutique-style closet emerges. This is the retail idea that everything needed is in plain sight, easily within reach, and extremely neat in appearance.

The good news is that a few easy upgrades can turn a boring closet into a luxurious, boutique-style storage space. Here are a few steps to storage nirvana:

Color: Strata (H64) design by Closet Factory New York

Color: Strata (H64) design by Closet Factory New York
Color: Monaco (K18) design by Hibou Design and Co.   photo: Drew Hadley


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