Design Trends: Why TFL is outpacing other materials for interior projects

Those in home remodelling, construction, hotel décor, design, retail and other industries are always on the lookout for design trends that help them achieve stunning results at an affordable price. One option quickly outpacing other decorative materials for these projects is TFL, or Thermally  Fused Laminate panels. With radical advances in printed décor patterns and, more recently, very realistic  woodgrain textures, TFL has become a design leader in the decorative panels’ space.

Color: Whisper (K66)

TFL is made by thermally fusing a resin-impregnated sheet of decorative paper directly to a  substrate. Heat and pressure activate the resin to form a secure bond with the substrate. Papers can  be fused onto a variety of panels, such as raw particleboard and MDF including specialty cores such as the eco-friendly NU Green 2.

Another development first achieved by Uniboard in North America is embossed-in-register (EIR) or synchronized finishes, where the texture of the panel is perfectly aligned with the finish. It is applied with perfect symmetry to both sides of the panel in order to more closely replicate the look and feel of the real wood. Uniboard also manufactures perfect match HPL. 

Colors: Ombre (K64) & Ohm (K69)

Always passionate about design, Uniboard offers a variety of TFL and HPL panels with innovative textures and luxurious designs that redefine the way designers and installers think about wood. Here  are just a few of the many reasons why TFL is outpacing other decorative panel materials for home  and commercial décor projects:

Application adaptable: TFL is highly adaptable and workable for any use. Leading  applications include furniture, cabinets, countertops, closets, shelving, retail fixtures and walls.

Color: Chakra (K74)

Finishing flair: There is literally no limit to what Uniboard’s creative minds can imagine in TFL design. Textures range from the pure beauty of wood grains and soft natural fabrics, to earthy textures and exotic linear designs that meet any design need. Omnia, Uniboard’s  newest addition to the most extensive family of exclusive textures in North America, is crafted to display a fine surface micro texture and low sheen. These two qualities lend versatility and a feeling of augmented reality to multiple décors.

Color: Rumour (K67)

Abundant colors: Combining color and texture adds an even deeper layer of realism and authentic styling that matches everything from a rustic to an ultra-modern décor. This fall, Uniboard is introducing its new line of trend-forward solid colors in a supermat finish, luxurious to the touch and easy on the budget. 

Sustainability: We ensure the proper use of wood fiber residues into value-added and environmental friendly products.  

o Efficiency: TFL is very efficient to manufacture, displacing the additional processing energy and glues required by other materials.

o Durability: TFL is longer lasting and easier to clean and maintain than veneers and other materials.

o Responsibility: TFL replaces fragile and exotic solid woods and veneers that are easily damaged – a major advantage, particularly in commercial and hospitality applications.

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