How to integrate the latest stylish materials in your designs

Most designers are always looking to find the perfect balance between seemingly contrary ideals of form and function. They want to design home and commercial spaces that meet their clients’ desired  goals, and yet still provide options that are different and appealing. The resulting reality needs to be soothing to the eye, while flowing smoothly with other elements in the design space. One often encountered question is how to integrate the latest stylish materials into these designs.

To help designers meet their client’s needs and provide the latest styles, Uniboard launched its  brand new 2021-2022 Collection: Redefined. Redefined is a launch that celebrates craftsmanship,  interior design and color. Uniboard believes that our environments should be a reflection of  individuality with the aim to bring joy, stimulate creativity and promote self expression. Here are  some tips from the leading expert in engineered wood products, to help guide you when it comes to  incorporating new Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) and HPL colors to your projects:

Colors: Super White (113) & Whisper (K66)

Mix or match? While it once might have been thought necessary to match all wood surfaces  within a specific design element, thoughtful mix-ups can create artful and appealing results.  The trend towards two-toned kitchen designs with dark cabinets on top and light on the bottom is a perfect display of the material or color mix movement in vogue. It can also be  appealing to keep woods in the same family but with slight deviations. Groupings can be  made by undertones such as warmth or coolness, or themes like transitional or mid-century  modern styles. 

Colors: Conifer K(68) & Elemental K(71)

Make one big statement: Another approach is to use one focus area, such as a wall or  cabinets, to make a bold statement, and then complement it with soothing counterparts. This  can be achieved by using a bold TFL panel such as Conifer (K68) for the big statement, and  subtly softening it with a Elemental (K71). 

Color: White smoke (K82)

Visual congruency: When using a monochromatic color palette, atmosphere is created by  combining different shades, tints and textures to create a dynamic atmosphere. Options such  as White smoke (K82) with a beige or grey décor can be used to create a soothing visual harmony. 

A finish you can feel: The evolving technology of texture from the latest TFL and HPL panel collections can offer an unexpected treat to the senses. The incredible realism of a  woodgrain or a print that adds dimension to a solid color or a subtle pattern can trigger  surprising sensory responses for those who touch these surfaces.

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