New Digital Sample Box to revolutionize future of interior design

Designers, builders, and architects seeking to help clients visualise their creations are finding that life in our new reality has stretched even the most creative minds to their limits. Although interest in the latest décor trends has not waned, the industry is searching for ways to effectively showcase ideas in the safest way possible. Zoom meetings, reduced face-to-face presentations, and a decreased capability to incorporate actual samples are changing buyer expectations. That leaves room for newer methods of virtual communication to reshape the home décor industry.

Earlier this year, Architecture Lab looked at ways technology could change the future of interior design. Virtual reality, augmented reality, spatial utility, and 3-D modelling tools help bring overall visions to life. But the question remains about how to select, design, perfectly match and actually deliver these digital projects.

Uniboard, a leader in redefining wood, is revolutionising the method of viewing virtual samples with its industry-first Digital Sample Box. Whether presenting from home or office, this tool makes designing and sharing projects efficient, convenient, and visually interactive.

Just launched in January, Uniboard’s marketing manager, Ariane Bouchard, says this revolutionary approach to interior design provides users with complete digital access to real-size samples, let them create their own color selection, and instantly share custom boxes with customers without physically cataloguing anything.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback design firms and clients shared with us since the launch of our new tool, adds Bouchard. Here’s a sampling of the responses:

‘’It gives our clients a reason to seriously look at us.’’

‘’There is a huge buzz in the industry about this game changer.’’

‘’It is all about Color Matching, Sourcing, Sampling and Coordinating with Venders.’’

‘’This tool turns heads big time and gives our partners a reason to think very hard about the future of specifications.’’

‘’This tool can provide a strategic advantage; no one has anything like it and the reaction after only a few weeks of launching it has been outstanding.’’

‘’A distributor sales rep or specification rep can definitely use this tool to sell in the Digital word we all live in now.’’

‘’Online Sampling comes at the perfect time when we are working from home and need access to view and order samples directly. Collaboration has never been easier.’’

‘’We are very excited. We love the visual accuracy of this amazing online resource.’’

Appealing aspects of the Digital Sample Box include:

  • Access to Uniboard’s complete TFL and HPL lines sorted by collection, décor, finish, and texture. Over 150 colours and 15 finish options enable users to visualise panels in ultra-realistic image quality from every angle.
Color: Conifer (K68)
  • Viewing options will include the latest in interior design trends including finishes such as Omnia, Uniboard’s newest addition to the most extensive family of exclusive textures in North America. The company’s Redefined Collection for 2021-2022 includes exciting new offerings such as the solid Conifer, woodgrain Resonance, or the fateful Karma.  
  • The Sample Box is completely integrated with Uniboard’s Design 360 platform, so selected files can be easily incorporated into any CAD software.
  • Users can save multiple project lists and take advantage of unique customisation tools. Once a creation is complete, it can be conveniently shared through social media or email.

Uniboard’s Digital Sample Box is the revolutionary, intelligent solution to select, design, perfectly match and deliver digital projects for residential or commercial spaces with ease.

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