How to bring hotel luxury to your home bathroom

For most of us the days of travelling to lavish hotels to enjoy beautiful spaces and luxurious bathrooms have been put on hold.  This reality of longing for that one of a kind hotel luxury vacation experience has inspired many homeowners to recreate these fabulous designs in their own home environments.

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This is not a new phenomenon. Over the past few years there’s an interesting transformation that has taken place in interior décor. There’s been an increasing movement to incorporate cozy accents of home in hotel bathrooms, while at the same time residential interiors are progressively being adapted to replicate the extravagant luxury of high end hotels. It’s clear that we often want what we can’t have. 

Even if hotels conjure vacations and a refreshing break from our normal everyday home environments, people are increasingly trying to reproduce the feelings and comforts of luxurious hotel atmospheres at home. It may be for the simple reason that the appealing finishes, fluffy towels, heated floors and exquisite bathroom products offer so much pampering and comfort.

It could also be due to the increased time we spent at home over the past several months which has given us more exposure to the flaws that need updating in our current bathrooms. This coupled with the countless hours of dream home renovation and luxurious travel shows we’ve binged has given us plenty of inspiration to try to achieve the hotel bathroom look at home.

How to replicate luxurious hotel bathroom features at home

Homeowners are realizing that these hotel bathroom spaces are so luxurious and so amazing that they shouldn’t be limited to being enjoyed in resorts and commercial properties. In fact, there are several steps you can take to create a hotel bathroom in your own home.

Here are some tips to achieve this luxurious look:

  • Blend materials with unique designs: The design of the bathroom itself is key. Today’s luxurious bathrooms are often more spacious and minimalist in style. They often feature a large free-standing bathtub as a beautiful focal point to complete the bathroom as a Zen-like exquisite space. 
Colors: Driftwood (H70) & Nova White (555)

Hotel bathrooms are generally adorned with a luxurious combination of premium finishes. The aesthetics can be achieved by pairing materials such as stone, wood or engineered wood, and metallic components. A popular trend in hotels and homes alike has been to seek out the latest collections of engineered wood materials such as Thermally Fused Laminates (TFL) and HPL for the custom cabinetry because of their versatility and affordability compared to actual wood itself.

Don Raymond, Vice-president Marketing and Sales U.S. with Uniboard explains that certain types of wood can be hard to find, expensive and difficult to work with, but there are none of those problems with TFL.  “TFL technology has come so far that it is often considered to be more desirable than wood because of its strength, durability and design flexibility,” he added. TFL is also a responsible choice for our planet. In addition to being one of the most resource-efficient decorative options, TFL is also one of the most efficient to produce. Composite Wood Panels are better than Carbon Neutral/Climate Positive: they take Less Energy to produce than other Materials.

The Uniboard Redefined 2021-2022 TFL & HPL collection for example provides designers with the latest in innovation, technology, and design thanks to a wide variety of colors and exclusive textures with the look and feel of “real” wood, like Nobella and the authentic modern texture Lyra, which are so popular in today’s luxurious bathroom designs.

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  • Invest in a new soaking tub: There’s nothing that defines luxury more for a bathroom than adding a new dream free-standing oversized soaking tub. According to Houzz, the standard size of a normal bathtub is 32 inches wide and 60 inches long. A beautiful oversized tub is an ideal focal point that adds a sense of lavishness to your new remodeled bathroom at home.
Color: Driftwood (H70)
  • Choose the right lighting: Lighting is a key feature in creating the perfect ambience in a luxurious bathroom. It is recommended to plan for a combination of ambient light and task-based lighting at different times of the day. Recessed downlights, wall sconces, dimmer switches and candles may also be used to create stylish and sculptural effects.


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