Top furniture design trends for 2021

With a new year upon us it’s always fun to take a peek at the upcoming design trends that will shape and inspire us for the next several months. This preview of future décor movements helps designers provide fresh and exciting new ideas for clients to beautify their home and commercial spaces.

Colors: Etrusco (V05), Ohm K(69), Crystal (V02)

Whether designing for residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, or office spaces, designers want to be sure to take a “whole house” approach to their endeavours. This means selecting furniture that is eye-appealing and job-appropriate, and also paying attention to surrounding factors such as dividing walls, cupboards, shelves and office furniture.

Here are some top furniture design trends for 2021 from the engineered wood products experts at Uniboard, along with a few ideas from the wide variety of TFL and HPL that can easily match, complement and uplift any furniture design trend:

  • A balance between collaboration spaces and private offices: Today’s office spaces must be designed to bring the best out of your employees. To make them feel fulfilled, valued and mentally stimulated while providing the right settings for different tasks. This is why successful companies look to create that perfect delicate balance between dynamic, human-centric spaces for team-related projects and intimate zones for quiet concentration, critical meetings and conversations.
Color: Ohm (K69)
Color: Adobe (K81)
  • Prepare for business at home: With this year’s developments, business may return on an entirely different level. While there will still be the need for many large commercial office spaces, there is a need to build up and beautify the home office space. Look for modular desk and work space components that offer ergonomic comfort and efficient functionality. Many “hometrepreneurs” will be seeking affordable alternatives to the big, bulky modular cubicles they once inhabited.
Color: Karma (K75)
  • Multi-functional is best: While the focus might be on the at-home office, traditional office spaces might be downsizing and redesigning as well. Multi-function furniture that offers maximum work (and relaxation) efficiency could be high on the list. Components many need to include work space areas and charging functions so they can operate as a desktop and conference area for work purposes, and also a dining room table and homework station for family purposes.
  • The look of luxury without the expense:  Designers, can evoke a luxurious touch and feel using affordable and durable TFL panels and HPL in wood grain options like Chakra (K74) and Karma (K75), or add a touch of customization with the most recent trendy solid color introductions by Uniboard: like Sage (K79), Celestine (K80), Adobe (K81), Whitesmoke (K82) and Shipshaw (K83).  

With the evolution of the work space both at home and at work, it’s clear that creating beautiful nature-inspired, healthy environments with the latest key functional decorative pieces is a foundation on which companies can build their brand values and culture to support the physical and mental well being of their teams. 

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