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Designer Q&A: Top trends in Decorative composite wood panels revealed

New modern kitchen interior

With Christina Lambert, Design Manager at Uniboard

It’s been a year marked by innovation and evolution in the engineered wood industry as the launch of Uniboard’s exciting new TFL and HPL Redefined collection and its revolutionary Digital Sample Box solution has created an exciting buzz amongst designers, architects and builders alike. 

We caught up with Uniboard’s Design team after the launch of their new Redefined collection to go over their thoughts on the latest exciting developments in the industry and what they see as the hottest trends in Decorative composite wood panels (TFL) and HPL for 2022:

Tell us about the new Redefined collection, what makes it so unique?

Redefined is a launch that celebrates craftsmanship, interior design and color. The versatility of this new color palette is perfect to create environments that reflect our individuality and aims to bring joy, stimulate creativity and promote self-expression.

New modern kitchen interior

What role does texture play in your latest product line?

The sign of a good trend is that it persists and evolves, what we are seeing in the market is a continuing fascination with texture. Realistic surface finishes are an integral part of our product line because we know that the feel of the product is as important as the look of it. Low sheen multi-gloss finishes with wood-like pores create tactile surfaces that emulate nature and are the hottest trend that we are seeing for TFL décors along will smooth matte finishes that pair perfectly with the emergence of new solid color palettes.

Uniboard’s Digital sample box in action

Why is the Digital Sample Box such a game changer in the industry? 

It’s an industry-first virtual design solution specifically created to help designers share projects with customers in the most convenient, efficient, and visually interactive way.  It provides complete digital access to real size ultra-realistic samples from our extensive collection of more than 150 colors and 15 finishes that makes it possible to virtually select, present and arrange products that architects and designers envision without the need to physically catalogue anything.

What do you see as the latest hot color trends in 2022?

Our industry has always had solid color options; historically these have leaned towards a more neutral color palette, such as grey, white and black.  Of late pigmented colors have been making it into the mainstream in an assortment of markets such as residential kitchens, contract furniture and store fixtures. This new array of solid colors has roots in European design, which has quickly made it to our shores as the hottest new thing.

Where do you find your inspirations for your designs? 

Our sources of inspiration are, fortunately for us, plentiful. First nature guides all our choices from the ground up; she is the base layer that I build from.  We also look to emerging artists for guidance and inspiration on new ways to look at different materials and uses of color. In the end, the key ingredient to creating a well-balanced collection is being able to listen. Our clients are a big part of the process; every discussion reveals a piece of the puzzle on the course to establishing a future color line.

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