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Designer tips to achieve new “destination” office designs

One of the pandemic’s biggest impacts has been how it forced us to rethink the role of the traditional office workplace. The crisis has created the need for a transformation of our work space environments to support remote work, social distancing, and to provide cleaner and more efficient office designs.      

So what will the updated office and the C-suite of the future look like? The answer is already in the minds of leading designers who shared the latest office design trends and inspirations at a recent NeoCon virtual event to help clients achieve the look, comfort and well-being of employees and managers, with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Color: Elemental (K71)

The role of the office will change “from an obligation to a destination, where the comfort of employees is key.’’ The primary goal will shift from productivity to a sense of belonging and well-being (both mentally and physically) for which design will have a major role. 

Colors: Etrusco (V05), Ohm (K69), Crystal (V02)

The latest trends in office décor also rely on the elegant looks and durability of TFL, or Thermally Fused Laminate panels, to bring a luxurious sense of realism and ergonomics to any office space. Here are some fresh designer tips for top office designs that take full advantage of TFL’s benefits:

Color: Chakra (K74)
Uniboard seating panels in Frequency (K20) color
Color: Adobe (81), Vega (K78)

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