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Creating a unique ambience key element in restaurant design

Digitally generated cozy and modern café interior. The scene was rendered with photorealistic shaders and lighting in Autodesk® 3ds Max 2020 with V-Ray Next with some post-production added.

As guests finally find their way back to their favourite dining spots, restaurants want to be sure they put their best foot forward with offering their clients the most engaging experiences possible with optimal cleanliness and the unique ambience they’ve been missing. The trend for restaurateurs has been to take advantage of this new reality to bring improvements to their dining spaces with the latest innovative materials to ensure aesthetically pleasing and safe spaces.

Color: Data K (72)

According to experts in design there are some material options gaining popularity in the restaurant industry due to their flexibility and state-of-the-art technology to beautifully create the latest modern looks.  Ariane Bouchard, Marketing Manager at Uniboard, a leader in innovative engineered wood panels, explains that TFL, or Thermally Fused Laminate, allow designers, builders and developers to achieve the latest hot styles in restaurant design with the most eco-friendly moisture-resistant solution. Let’s take a look:

Color: Chakra (K74)

Patrons are pleased to return to soak in the atmosphere and ambience of a true restaurant experience and the latest interior designs go a long way in affecting all of our senses. Using our complete line of TFL panels and HPL in a wide variety of modern colors and finishes from authentic inspired designs to trendy solids will certainly help restaurateurs achieve the latest hot styles in restaurant design.

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