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TFL and HPL ensure modern style and cost effectiveness for hotel decor projects

The hotel industry, along with many others in the hospitality and travel sector, has been struck particularly hard by the health crisis. Fortunately with the lifting of measures this sector is due for a huge upswing as properties looking to recapture the unique experiences they’ve longed for over the past several months. With most travel restrictions lifted, hotels have been re-welcoming guests with a focus on delivering the unique experiences and ambiance found only in their exquisite spaces. 

One area of concentration has come in the realm of hotel décor. Although guests are certainly comforted by the feel of form, functionality and opulence, managers have turned their focus on the design and performance of the latest innovative design materials.  

Colors: Chakra K (74), Golden Veins V (11)

A helpful recourse in these considerations is the growing popularity for the use of Thermally Fused Laminate, or TFL, for their long-lasting style, on-trend designs and colors these panels offer outstanding performance capabilities for hospitality interiors. According to Uniboard, the leading expert in engineered wood products, here are some of the main reasons for TFL’s increased popularity with designers:

Color: Data K (72)
Color: Mantra (K 73)

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