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Uniboard® Supermat® Texture – Six New Trending Colors for Spring

Supermat K79 – Sage

Uniboard®’s six new colors available in Supermat finish will flawlessly complement all your projects and add a touch of colour for a modern and trendy look. Something to make your guests spring for joy!

You may be hesitant to incorporate an unconventional solid color into your kitchen or bathroom projects because of its uniqueness. But, rest assured, this European-inspired trend has been around for about five years and our Design team says it’s here to stay.

Here are three more reasons why the new colors from our Supermat series are the right choice:

1. Much better than painted MDF

Were you hoping to save costs by painting your cabinets yourself? In the end, this project could give you several headaches. However, replacing your cabinets or your vanity with Uniboard® decorative panels in a Supermat finish will ultimately save you a lot of time. Superior quality, a smooth finish to the touch and consistency in colour will have you convinced. This solution will also be much more durable over time. Therefore, it’s a better option for both your wallet and the environment.

2. Low maintenance and durable finish

The Uniboard® Supermat finish presents a matte, smooth surface that reflects remarkable craftsmanship. It is scratch and scuff resistant, perfect for parents of young children or pet owners. Several colours also resist fingerprint marks. Ease of maintenance and durability are guaranteed thanks to products proudly made here!

3. Colors with great versatility

In addition to adding a touch of splendour that illuminates your rooms, the trendy colours available in this finish blend well with several textures: wood grain, metal, marble and more. They also complement other shades to create perfect harmony. Supermat is also suitable for all rooms: kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, bedroom and library.

The new colors Conifer (K68), Celestine (K80), Sage (K79), Adobe (K81), Whitesmoke (K82) and Shipshaw (K83) will definitely enhance your decor and spark joy in your daily life. They will be the perfect reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Supermat K80 – Celestine
Source: HESSA Design

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